Friday, 25 February 2011

Why Can't I Relax?

How hard can it be? Chill out, do nothing, vegetate and attempt fuck sodding all. How can that be a feat of almost unfathomable complexity?

It's not like I couldn't use it. I started the year seeing the album I helped write and perform on (Michael Monroe 'Sensory Overdrive', lovely album, you'll like it) reach completion before writing an entirely new album, then performing and co-producing the bleedin' thing, resulting in a grand total of zero hours off so far in 2011. It looks like this theme will continue as Mr Monroe takes the new album on tour. Then my album will come out. Then something else will happen, I'd imagine.

With such a rich well of activity running alongside fatherhood and the search for a new house, you'd think that, given a very rare evening off, little 'un asleep & missus on the lap top, I'd be able to sit back and enjoy a few valuable, contemplative hours of blissful nothingstance, right? RIGHT? No, I'm sat here with the last flimsy whisps of strength I can muster forcibly dragging open droopy eyelids to do something. Anything. It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it isn't nothing.

Never give up, never surrender.

Go to sleep, you fucking mutant.



My point exactly.


Some of us were meant to wander along this road allowing opportunity and experience, inevitably, to bounce off us along the way. And some of us are meant to pat fellow imaginary successors on the collective back for achievements slightly greater than not forgetting to breathe while sleeping.

I guess the main reason why I can't relax is because I want to be aware. When something, anything, happens to drop my way I want to be a human fucking catchers mit. If life decides to throw me a bone I'll be the hungriest, most toothsome hound around and I'll snap up that bone and the arm, and the person behind it.

And if nothing happens? Then I'll make something happen.

See, I can't sit around. I can't. I wasn't made to do that.

And that is why life has forbidden me the kind of success that would give me time off.



  1. See, now this is the sort of reason to have a blog. Better than "oooh, I've got a cold and I've been feeling a bit down today". As long as there's a purpose to it, it's got a reason to be there. Keep up all the good work, Mister.

  2. Plus, if I was given time off, due to any considerable success, I'd probably spiral into the greatest suicidal depression known to man. See there is no ONE thing I would, or even could choose to do with my time. So just having to multi task a ton of stuff at any given time saves me from asking myself "how do you really feel?". Viva ocupado!

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  4. HAHAHA!!! YAY!!! I am so excited that you started a BLOG and how did I ever MISS the first post???

    Hmm... You see when you are bored and don't have anything to do, NOW you can fill that space and blog!!! hehe

    AND... We get to hear your BEAUTIFUL words of WISDOM!!! ;)

  5. Can always count on a few short words from Ginger to kick my arse off the couch once more.

    Now what was i doing today, again? Right!


  6. finally read the blog and feel guilty stll being in bed at lunchtime and was about to meet some mates down the pub... instead i should be exactly like this. words of inspiration oh Ginger one. keep it up

  7. Love you man. You are a constant source of hope and inspiration.